Thursday, July 19, 2007

the crib set

I couldn't believe how ridiculously expensive a quilt and a couple sheets in a bundle can be! Nicely decorated ones for a baby, naturally, but $200? I have to admit, Michelle has me spoiled because I see her sewing and embroidering things on a regular basis with the same amount of quality and a more personal touch.

The bedroom set was all picked out, and we even painted the baby's room to match (complete with bugs). But we had been waiting to see if someone perchance would buy it for one of Michelle's showers. Some friends of ours were looking at in knoxville, and found the exact set we wanted, only slightly used. Total the set they found was worth almost $300 because it included extras like the mobile, curtain, measuring chart and more. All this for only $90! This was a real God-sighting, praise the Lord for His wonderful gift ... of a baby!

Check out the pics!