Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good bye april

Wow it has been a few weeks since my last post. But I will attempt to update this blog because some day I will be thankful I took the time to remember each activity as it changes and grows. Lydia is amazing. She is so sweet to Seth and misses him when he is sleeping or I have taken her some where without Seth. She is very smart , but i am sure most parents say that about their kids. She can identify a through h well. She knows all of her shapes now but we still are working on her colors and numbers. My favorite time with her lately is Saturday mornings. I taker grocery shopping with me while Joel stays home with the sleepy Seth. She loves to play outside especially with her friends Isabel and Abby. She has struggled with a couple of health things lately but nothing like solving some of them with prunes. I just took her to the doctors this morning and found out she had beta strep. Poor munchkin can't seem to get a break. She still is in the second percentile for weight. She is definitely fun Seth well he soon will be 9 months old. I can't believe how fast time has gone with him. He rolls over which is a big thing considering Lydia never did until she was well over a year old. He likes to stand and play at toys. One of his favorite times is playing with Lydia. We found out that he just needs to be on reflux medicine and he will sleep almost completely threw the night. He loves food which is a BIG blessing. He can say hi and DADA. But as far as milestones those are it for him. Joel just was promoted to manager of his team a month ago. He continues to stay busy and can work 24/7 if he wanted to. I am so thankful that he is an amazing provider for his family. He will be going to Texas for four days in the next couple of days. For a suprise gift he bought me an iPad. I love it which now brings me to me. I have taken up a jazzercise class that I hope to be starting 3 times a week but for now it is just 2 times a week. I traveled to wv over this past weekend all by myself and I am thankful for a God who watched over me and my family while I was away. I met up with joel's mom and sister and Grammy to go to my future sister in laws shower. We had an amazing time and look forward to Phil and sarah's up coming wedding. I think that is all the news for now in our little family.

Monday, April 12, 2010


It sure has been an amazing April. With lots of activity coming upnin the next few months I thought it was time to blog. Nothing much interesting is happening here. Seth learned how to roll over again. Lydia has her abcs down pat although sometimes she gets confused. Joel still is busy. And me Joel got me an iPad. My laptop practically is dying so Joel brought me this to replace itt. Although there are still some things that I miss about my laptop And hope for those things to come in on my iPad. We also got a zoo membership and Lydia seems to be enjoying it very much. Seth still has some acid reflux that wakes him up a lot during the night. So we go on day to day wondering what new thing will happen.