Thursday, September 25, 2008

With fall

I have decided that with Fall brings a lot of change. In this instance Lydia's looks. She is growing up so quickly it seems. She is finally crawling. Not like a lot of babies her age but she is well on her way. She also has learned the art of pulling herself up the right way instead of dragging her bottom half up. So I am very thankful that her under developed muscles were the case and that God used this in my life to grow my reliance on Him. Fall was one of my favorite time in New York. Growing up there we always racked plenty of leaves and enjoyed the short but most beautiful colors. That is one thing I truly miss about New York during this time of year. I do however love pumpkin pie so I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. YUMMMO

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The hole reason I titled the last one was to tell you about my great husband. Although the going out in the 74 mile an hour winds to find Lydia's pool was awesome, but the real reason I meant to brag on him was because of how good he was to Lydia and I yesterday. I got the flu yesterday on top of a cold and Lydia got a cold to so we were both miserable beings yesterday. So he stayed home from work to take care of us. He did such a great job. He walked with Lydia picked her up as she fussed and fussed because she felt so bad. Then he helped me by washing our bedding to get the yucky bacteria out of our bedding so we wouldn't get sick again. He made us dinner and lunch well them dinner and lunch cause I wasn't hungry with the flu. So I am very thankful for my husband and how patience and loving he was to us yesterday.

Great Husband

So this past weekend sure has been interesting. Joel had to stay home from work on Friday because he was sick. Then he got over it by Saturday morning and then Sunday we had an awful wind storm. We said bye bye to Lydia's pool as it went flying up over someone else' house. But before we knew it we gained a trampoline. We watched as the wind blew off siding off other people's house and then shingles and even some shutters came flying off people's houses. During the wind storm Joel attempted to go find Lydia's pool but to no avail it probably was half way to the airport before he even made it out the door. We lost our electric around 2:00 in the afternoon so we made things to do like worry about other people as they foolishly ran around outside during the storm. So it became real hot in our house since we didn't have any air conditioning so we decided in feeble attempts to venture out to cool off in the car. We only made it a short distance when we saw someone go smashing into another person cause he wasn't obeying the 4 way stops because the lights weren't working. So we decided to turn around and come back home. But what provision God made for us as we didn't get into an accident ourselves and our home didn't receive any damage from the storm. I will leave you with a cute wind blown Lydia!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on Lydia

We took Lydia to the physical therapist yesterday and God really answered our prayers. Nothing wrong with her neurologically. She does have some under developed muscles that we will be doing physical therapy to rectify. But the doctor was very positive so what a great blessing for good doctors. Some new things she has been doing lately. She tries to blow kisses now. She points to Joel and says da da. It was really funny yesterday Joel came home early from work and he was getting ready to go to the doctors with us when I got Lydia up from her nap. I walked by the room he was in and she caught just a glance of him and says in a real strong voice DA DA. So I took her back to see him and she was very happy. She sits on the floor with her books and opens them up and starts reading. Now granted she can't really read or talk but it is really cute to hear here do it. We just bought a new mattress for our bed and she loves it as depicted in the picture you will see of her laying on our bed. She has been such a blessing to us.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


So as of last night Joel and I truly became parents. HAHA what I mean is last night we experienced the tail of sickness in a baby. Lydia has the flu, and yes she threw up for the first time. It was by far the worst smelling stuff. It is right up there with dog throw up. I know that you don't want all of the gorey details, but poor Lydia was a mess. She will have a cruel hatred for throwing up just as much as her mommy. But even though she is sick and feels sick she still is an amazing trooper. She is playing and walking around and having fun. I want to be like her when I grow and am sick. SO not a fun experience but yes we must all face it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So today I learned a new appreciation of the nursery workers on Sunday's. I had the opportunity to work in the nursery for the Women's Bible Study. The babies weren't very happy, but I will go back next week to help again. And maybe just maybe Lydia will stay in there with out me. So I know that this is a short post but I wanted to share some pictures from my sister, Yvette's visit. And some pictures of Lydia in her pool because it is so hot here. Enjoy!!