Sunday, May 08, 2011

Completely Blesssed

First of all I want to say Happy Mothers Day to my mom. I have often thought I wonder what Mothers Day was like for my mom when I was kid. I remember making her things and giving her cards and sometimes even picking the dandelions and giving them to her for her gift. But as I sit and think about her while I was kid and I think of her now, I must say I have so much more love and respect for now that I am a mom. Being a mom is a lot of hard work and I wouldn't trade being one for my life, but she did so much for us as kids that I can't help but wonder what it was like for her. Today as I sit and think about not being with her my heart kind of breaks, because I know that for her today may be especially hard since she doesn't have her mother here anymore. So mom just so you know I love you and I love the fact that you chose to love me in my most unloveable moments. Then on the next note I am completely blessed not only to have my most amazing mom still with me, but I am very blessed to have an amazing mother in law. As a young teen I started praying that I would have a relationship with my future mother in law the way my Grandma does with all of her daughter in laws. Grandma always nurtured and loved on her daughter in laws like she had brought them up from birth and I longed for that day when I could have that same relationship with my mother in law. God sure heard my prayers and answered them. Betsy Leineweber is the best mother in law in the world. I am thankful that she sees me as she sees her own kids just another of her kids. I am thankful that I have gotten to celebrate 7 years of being her daughter in law. Now God has given me 2 amazing kiddos and I have so much love for them I can't even imagine how much Christ loves all of His kids. I am by no means the best mom in the world, but I sure am thankful for the opportunity to love and nurture and kiss boo boos and share the Gospel of Christ with them, but more importantly be the Gospel to them as Peter LaRuffa told us so lovingly in church today. So as I end this post I will leave you with a pictures of the 2 best moms for me. Mom Frasier Mom Leineweber