Sunday, November 28, 2010

In a nut shell

It has been a very long time since I have blogged so this might be a long one, but here it is. We had what felt like a long fall. Between sickness and other things going on we stayed cooped up in our house for awhile. But we have all been well for awhile so that is such a blessing from God. In October I excepted a position in our church as a nursery coordinator and the great thing is I do most of it from home. So that is a fun new exciting but mostly growing experience. Seth has his 15 month checkup and he was is little just like Lydia was and is. He has finally gotten his 4 front teeth in and one back molar but it looks like more are on their way. Lydia continues to develop vocabulary and I have been homeschooling her now for about 3 months. I hadn't used any curriculum but just little lessons plans I have put together here and there. I am looking at starting her curriculum the beginning of January because I feel like she would do well with it, but she has developed her numbers, some of her alphabet, colors, and shapes. She looks forward to the time we (her and mommy) get to spend time together. Seth and Lydia both love to read so we spend a good portion of our day reading it is amazing. Joel still remains busy at work and I am continually thankful for his job that he can enjoy. This Thanksgiving I was able to host and cook. My parents and my Aunt and Uncle came down on their 4 week journey through some of the states to see various children of theirs. I learned how to cook a big turkey and things to and not to do. I made pies and even stuffing which turned out was pretty good but over all it was neat to spend that time with my family. We started some new traditions in our house. We went and picked out our Christmas tree and even put up decorations outside. I tried my hand at some decorations for Christmas outside with the help of my amazing little girl. So now we look forward to Christmas to celebrate Christ and what He has done on the cross and to teach our kiddos what the true meaning of Christmas is. Hopefully I won't go months again without blogging.