Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOW it is almost time

These days I am starting to have a harder time walking up and down stairs and doing laundry isn't the easiest thing in the world.  But as I sit here in my discomfort I can't help but think about in less than 7 weeks we will once again have a baby in our house.  I have been feeling very nostalgic as I have been thinking about bringing Lydia home from the hospital and how in 5 short years she has grown so much.  One of her favorite things to do is talk, kiss, and hug my belly waiting anxiously to meet her new little brother.  We pulled the baby clothes out from Seth and she helped me go through them picking out all of the newborn to 3 months clothes.  She asks me daily, Mommy how many days until poppy comes out?" I love the fact that she is already taken with her little brother.  5 years seems so short but yet that is how old she will be.  Then there is Seth, who in the past few months has been fully potty trained and getting ready as well to except his little brother into his room.  I told Seth that when the baby comes he was going to share his room with the baby.  So he anxiously awaits the day he can share his room with his baby brother.  Joel and I well, we have been busy getting close out, cleaning the car seat, setting up the basinet and trying to get a little bit of rest.  I however, anxiously await to meet this little miracle that God has given us.  Remembering to be thankful for the short time we have left with just a family of 4.  Also, I am looking and thinking about pictures and these are 2 of my favorite pictures of our growing kiddos.