Monday, April 22, 2013

No more wildman!

Clay has been sick for about 2 months now.  Just one virus after another it seems and part of the one virus he has had was goopie eyes.  As you all know his hair was crazy long and it was crazy full of colics.  The goopie eyes made it so his hair would get stuck in his eyes.  Well we both had enough of that, so off to Great Clips it was.  He freaked out, cried and tried to get out of the positions we put him in.  One lollipop and 3 combs later we finally were finished.  Enjoy the before and after pictures.

Date night with Lydia

I (Michelle) had the opportunity to take Lydia on a date just the 2 of us this past week.  Chick fila put on a girls night out for Mothers and Daughters  and I signed up so Lydia and I could go.  Joel came home and I gave him all the instructions for the boys and off we went.  Chick fila was decorated in pink and purple.  We walked in the door and they had a very nice young man greeter told us to order are food assigned us a table and off we went.  When we got to the table they had these secret boxes and in side of these boxes were ways to start communication with mothers and daughters.  We had a free breakfast, seeds to plant together, matching hair ties, paper to leave secret notes for each other, and Lydia's favorite a free ride in a limo.  Thats right a LIMO!!! I have never ridden in a limo so this was perfect for us.  After asking Lydia some questions like if she could dye her hair purple or pink for a year what would it be?  Can you guess what color she chose?  Another question was How many times you can tell each other you love one another in 10 seconds.  It was SUPER fun.  So after we ate we got in the limo for our free ride and she thought it was the best thing.  She said, "Mommy, can we buy one of these instead of our van?"  It's soooo amazing to have this little girl in my life.