Friday, May 23, 2008


So the Bible talks about striving for greatness. I know that Joel and I have a long way to go and Lydia well she is just starting. We had her dedicated on Mothers day and it was so great. My mom came down and she got to see her 5th grandchild dedicated to the Lord. It was neat experience because as we were standing up on stage as Pastor Brad was challenging us to bring up our children in the Lord I thought about how some kids just don't get that opportunity. It made me sad, but very glad that we are obeying God by bringing up Lydia in the Saving knowledge of Christ (even though she is to young to understand right now). So moving on to some funny things she had her very first lemon slice the other day. What a funny sight I am posting a video so you can all laugh with us. On that very same day, Joel took me out for ice cream and the server said do you want a mini cone for your daughter and Joel said "SURE", much to my dismay. But she tried it and WHO doesn't like ice cream. I only gave her a few taste though. This weekend Lydia gets to spend some much needed time with her Aunt Melinda and what fun that is because they surprised me by their visit. So hopefully I will have more pictures to show you once I get some. On to bigger and better things now. Hope you all enjoy the video.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Life in our home

Well not much has been going on since I last posted. Lydia likes to talk now. She says dada all the time now. Her favorite thing is to walk which she isn't happy unless she is walking. There are times when I feel a little disconnected with her. Today as I was nursing her she stopped and looked up at me and just started babbling to me. It was one of the greatest feelings for me to know that she was doing that because I was what was making her happy at that point and time. Joel is also getting to spend a lot more time with Lydia and she interacts with him a lot now. The doctor always said that one day she would wake up and she would discover daddy and boy did she ever. It is so cute. I am trying to help her crawl she gets up on her hands and knees and then discovers she doesn't really like to be like that it is real funny. She is such a great blessing and I love being her mom.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New things!!

Well the last few days have brought about some new first for Lydia. IT all started with her learning how to roll over. So she can now roll over on to her stomach but once there she gets a little frustrated. I leave her be until I know that she is real frustrated and doesn't know what to do next. I know it sounds a little mean. But I do it so she can try to roll from her stomach to her back. Then next first thing was I gave Lydia bangs on Saturday. She looks so cute. I was however a little sad as I knew that she is quickly growing up on me. Another new first is that today she finally said da da. It was fun but to bad Joel wasn't there to hear it. But he has gotten to hear her. So it has been a busy week already. My mom is flying in tomorrow to she will be here for Lydia's dedication on Sunday. I will send pictures when I get the chance.