Saturday, April 09, 2011

Life keeps moving

It seems like I can't keep up with our blog. I wanted to remember some things that have been happening so I am going to write them down. Lydia is turning in to a little lady. Right now her favorite things to do is play outside, play games, watch Tangled, playing with her Polly pockets and most of all she loves playing with Seth. She always asks me to go get him up or she says mommy can Seth play in my room with me? It is so awesome that she loves his still so much. She loves babies. Seth is moving and a grooving as they say. His new words seem to come everyday. The other day Joel was praying for dinner and he finished up his prayer with In Jesus name Amen, then we heard a little voice say Amen. Seth says Amen now every time we pray, and he finally says Luv U and gives you a big hug. He loves to play with sissy and mimics every move she makes. He is learning so much and it is neat to see how they love and get along. But no post is good with out a few pictures for our families.