Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

It is this time of year that I think will always be the time that sticks out in mind from my childhood. My siblings and I saw much more than most kids our age did when we grow up. But this time of year always seemed to be the time of quietness and unselfishness. I think about this and think that there are tons of kids out there right now who suffer and are lonely and may never know that our Christ is the reason we live. I long for the time when my kids who are small will desire and grow to love our Jesus. I think about my family and how much my siblings and I love each other and how this year I won't celebrate Christmas with them. How I will miss my whole family and how I will desire to be with them, but I am so excited to teach and show Lydia and Seth that Christmas is about so much more than just gifts, but it is about the Savior who came as a baby to suffer the consequence that we fully deserve but that Christ was the biggest gift we could have ever gotten. I am hoping that they will love and desire to know about our Christ of Christmas. I also desire that they will desire to keep the relationship they have with each other. I know siblings fight , but I also know that my siblings are the best. I love you guys so much and I am sad to miss Christmas with you but I just want to say that I could never ask for better siblings than you. I am also thankful for my siblings that I have slowly gained over the past few years. Who knew that I would get my wish to be a big sister, you guys are amazing. Dad and mom I look forward to the time when we will be together again, because with out you guys I couldn't have all of my amazing siblings and I wouldn't have the knowledge I have if it weren't for you, that goes for both sets of my parents. I am super excited for starting our own traditions here with my awesome hubby and sharing it with our amazing kids. Merry Christmas from the Leinewebers!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is upon us

I feel like the second half of this year has flown by. This past week Nana (aka Joels mom) came in town for a few days. We sure were a busy crew. Friday night we went to the opening night of Christmas town at the creation museum. Saturday I had a meeting in the morning and then our friends Josh and Laura got married in the evening, I will just make a side note here, if you are buying stuff on clearance make sure it fits before you leave the store. I bought Lydia some tights from there Saturday morning that said they were for 2 to 4 year olds and since she already is small I figured this was great, until I opened it and turns out they were for 4 to 6 year olds. So I had to make a trip out again right before the wedding to find tights that fit her. Ok moving on Sunday was our easy day then we had our Christmas party for Joels work. We road the fairy across the Ohio river and that was lydias favorite part although the rest of us were anticipating how many ways we could die riding on the fairy a very funny conversation if you ask me, Lydia even got to help Nana make Christmas cookies. Now that nana is gone Lydia asks every day if we can go to Nanas house for morrow which is Lydia talk for tomorrow. So I have to continue to explain that we can't just drive to her house in one day like we could to her friends house. But we are looking forward to going and visiting them at the end of the month. Seth has decided to help learn what discipline really looks like, he is very strong willed and a big trouble maker, but he can and is the sweetes little guy. He runs around the house yelling Daddy and pointing as if he sees Joel all through out the house. He gives random hugs and kisses and boy does he love his sister. I hope they always have a close bond.