Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

So today was a very snowy day. We lost power and our house went down to 59 and very cold. However, the Masons so graciously took us in and fed us. We took Lydia outside to shovel our driveway with us. She didn't like it very much so we turned around and came back in side. However she did keep saying PRETTY. It was real cute. We have survived the Ice storm and the snow storm and hopefully it will start to warm up soon.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Augusts 17th

So as the story goes. Lydia is going to be a big sister. Yup, that is right I am pregnant. Joel and I are very happy and God has been showing Himself Faithful already. I have had some complications up until this point but today we got to see the Hand of God touch my body and the new life that He has chosen to bless us with again. Lets step back into the past for a minute. I found out I was pregnant in the middle of December. I took a test while Joel was at work because I just didn't think there was anyway for me to be pregnant. I took the test and sure enough PREGNANT. As I was processing this information I was trying to come up with a clever way to tell Joel. But I waited about an hour and a half and couldn't contain myself and I called him at work and told him the amazing news. We proceeded to tell our families while we were on Christmas break. But towards the end of our vacation at Joel's parents house I started to spot. I didn't think anything of it because I did some of that with Lydia and I just began to pray that God would take the life of the Baby and just watch over it and He gave me a peace that only He could give. We then made it back safely here. Then 2 days after we got home I started to bleed hard so we made an appointment and found out today that everything is great. The baby is the size of a Lima bean but we were still able to see it and to hear its heart beat. So God is faithful and I am trusting Him for the rest of this pregnancy. Here are a couple of pictures that you can look at.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The rest of Vacation

So onto Virginia Beach from New York. We had a pretty good time at Joel's family. Lydia had a really awful cold. So at night I didn't get much sleep but other than that it was great to spend sometime with Joels family. There was one day it was 71 degrees so we took a walk down the beach it was amazing. Then we opened gifts together with his family and we got a special guest this year. Joels Grandma moved down to Virginia Beach and she got to spend this Christmas with us. We also had to do a Cryptogam to figure out whose gifts were whos. Joel's mom is very creative and that was fun. I also had the fun time of helping Kim (Joel's sister) make out her invitations to her wedding and that was fun. So we moved on from Virginia beach to North Carolina where we picked up Sadie and spend the night at Melinda's and then we arrived home at 4:30 Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to be home. We had a great time. But it will be awhile before we do that long trip again. Then today we did a kitchen overhaul. We got rid of a bunch of stuff and that was nice. Now we get to rest and sleep in our own beds. So Happy New Year we are wishing you a great New year from all of us.