Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time well spent

So after every Sunday and having to go get Lydia from nursery because she is screaming, I officially decided to stick with the task of doing room time again with her. So we started this task on Monday. So Monday she seemed like ok I am just going to play. Then Tuesday, all she did was scream. Wednesday, ok I will come and get you. I am sorry you were crying. Then today I got in the shower again and left her in her room to play and she again started to cry. We I listened and listened to her cry and then all of the sudden I didn't hear anything except a noisy toy in her room. She was actually playing and then she started talking to herself in a happy voice. WHOOOOOOO this never happens. So I left her there until I had taken care of all the laundry and did my devotions for the morning. And when I went into get her after 45 minutes of playing she was sitting on her floor with her previously used towel sucking her thumb. I was so happy with her and I went in and picked her up and hugged her and said "good job." So hopefully we will start to like nursery and tomorrow we will stick out this process again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Much needed rest

Well we are finally settled back in to our home life here in KY. We had a great weekend. We also enjoyed being back at our home church and what a great message to come back to. Although a little bit more worried about Lydia coming to know Christ, but humbled that God brought me this far in my life from circumstances in my family that were awful, to enjoying an awesome life here with my wonderful husband and my great daughter. It is such a blessing to see how God has worked in our lives and He continues to work. So onto to an update on Lydia. She is walking around by herself most of the time now, and she started referring to me all the time as ma ma. So I am very happy. She still doesn't crawl or roll over from her stomach to her back, but I am not worried cause after all she has the muscles. So here is a video of her walking enjoy.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Another new thing

Today was a real fun day. Lydia didn't take good naps today but decided to be in a good mood anyway. She has discovered a couple of new things today. She can clap really well now. You can say clap Lydia and she claps. Then today she discovered how to do SO BIG and when her Uncle Phil comes in the room she loves to do it for him. She is still cautious to go to anyone besides Joel and I but we are hoping she will warm up to them. Here is a video of us in a pool and her clapping and just some random pictures from vacation.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Starting out

Well we have successfully made it to Virginia Beach. After having a great time with Melinda and Steve (my sister and her husband)we are here with Joel's family. While we were at Melinda's we went to the zoo. I will post pictures of the zoo so you can see them. We learned how to play a new game called settlers and that was fun. Joel also had the chance to help on their front porch. I don't have pictures of that yet so we will have to wait for pictures on that. It was a great trip here to Virginia Beach and it was quick too only 4 hours. Lydia is walking on her own now. The only person she will do it with really is me so Joel will have to take video for you all but right now I don't have her doing it. Here are some pictures.