Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This year Joel and I had a different type of Thanksgiving. This year we decided to stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving. I planned to make a turkey and everything. So one day while I was at work. I saw our very good family to us Karen Mason, and she invited us over for Thanksgiving and it was so awesome. The Masons are like our family. Joel and I were feeling pretty lonely for our family so it was nice to be with them. We even put our Christmas tree up. Lydia loves it. She goes over and rings the bells that we put on it and she doesn't try to eat the Tinsel so that is very nice. She comes out and says tee tee and it is real cute. We even ventured out to the Black Friday sales. Can I just that Target was crazy. We barely made it into the store. Then there wasn't any carts and we could barely go down the isles because there was people every where ready to cash out. SO we quickly left. So we came home with a few dvds and then went back to bed. It was nice to have a day to do that. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

All by ourselves

So today, we said goodbye to Joel's mom. She went home today and we miss you NANA. After we got home from church Lydia looked for her frantically walking around saying NA NA NA. So we looked for her but she wasn't there so lydia was sad. But thanks to Candace she will be watching her now. I am sure Lydia will do great. I can't believe how quickly Christmas is upon us. Before we know it we will be in the new year. SO that is something to look forward to.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yummy Yummy

So after weeks of trying to get Lydia on tap saying yummy yummy she finally did it. So I am going to post that video. Also this week Joel's mom has been here and has been helping me out a lot. First she is staying with Lydia while I go to work and then on top of that she has been cooking dinner for us every night. She also has been a great help around the house and she made Lydia's curtains for her room. I have had the material for a long time but for some reason I haven't had time to make them so she did them for me. She is so awesome. So I can say that I agree with Melissa when I say Grandma's are amazing. So I will show you the video and her cutains.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


SO after much deliberation Joel and I decided to go with a bunch of our friends and take Lydia trick or treating with all of them. So we went to a fall party at the LaRuffa's house and had a party with chili and pie and off to trick or treat so I will share some cute pictures of Lydia and her cute costume. She is as a Bumble Bee very cute. Also while we were cleaning the house one night she decided that she wanted to help. SO I let her scrub the toilet or just kidding I helped her but I will post a cute picture of that as well. Lydia has also spent a lot of time with her friend Abby. We babysat for Abby one night so Adam and Tara could go out and we decided to take a walk and so we dressed them all nice and warm and off we went. IT was a very fun walk. On other things I have gone back to work for 6 weeks. I started this past Friday. It was most difficult to do. We decided that it would be good for Lydia as she doesn't like to be with very many people other than me and Joel. So I took her to the LaRuffa's (the youth pastor of our church and his wife.) She did great, but I did terrible. I missed being with her, but as the day went on I did better. I know that it will get easier and I hope it will be soon. So I will leave you with some cute pictures.