Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birth Story part 1

This blog post may be kind of long but I want to remember all I can about this story. Back in the beginning of April or May I am not exactly sure the date, I read a blog post where a person had invited a good friend into the birthing room to take pictures and write a story about the birth of their daughter.  During this same time we found out that our precious baby who was unborn could have a small birth defect called club foot. As I read the birthing story that this person had written I thought how awesome it would be to have someone be there to remember things that me or my husband wouldn't.

So I began to consider allowing someone in the birthing room while I gave birth to our baby boy, because God has already worked so many miracles in this baby’s life that I wanted to remember it all.  As I considered it I wondered how Joel would feel. I just threw the idea out there and said what if I invited someone into the room while I was laboring and giving birth? At first he was like, “Really? You want to do that?”

Up to this point we had never let anyone in the room with our other two kiddos because we wanted it to be just the two of us. So as he thought about it we thought about what friend we could ask that has already had kids and would be willing to do it.  So we asked our good friend Candace to be a part of this birth to which she agreed. She was amazing. From the time she stepped into the birth room till we had our baby she was an amazing coach and a wonderful encourager. She was even joyful all the way till 1:30 in the morning, and then again at 7:30 am. until I had the baby at 9:32 am.

I wouldn't trade making the decision to have her in the room for anything. Thank you, Candace, for making labor and delivery so much easier for me. I will always remember how your encouragement kept me going.