Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fall season

Well our fall season hasn't started off the best way, but we are spending some family time together confined to our home, except for our small trip to church this morning. Just a little disclaimer those of you who knew we were all sick we all aren't contagious anymore do to strong anti biotics that we all have been on. But as of this afternoon I am able to breathe the best I have breathed in over a month and Joel doesn't sound like base tenor anymore. But onto why I am posting. Last year I tried a butternut squash pie for the first time and it was amazing. So I have a renewed vigor to bake and maybe even try a chili with butternut squash in it. But I am at a loss. I love fall season and how it forces you sometimes to stay in more, so I am looking for some recipes. Melissa, I know that you bake and cook a lot so I am looking forward to some of your recipes. If any one else out there has a fall recipe to share I would love to try to make it, I also like how some of you make you recipes and change them up a bit. Maybe I will take some pictures and blog about all the recipes I want to try. All this once I don't feel like I am drowning on my own fluid anymore. Thanks for the recipes a head of time.