Friday, September 03, 2010

What God is teaching me

Where to begin. This month sure has had it's down for us. First starting with my parents. Please pray for them, they need Christ more now than ever as the new casting crowns song says. We went to visit them and saw God work even in the smallest of things. On our way back home about fours from home our amazing neighbors called us to tell us that there was water running out of our garage. Sigh, turns out the cold water line to our washer busted while we were gone. But our amazing neighbors called the water company and they turned off our water. So we have been steadily trying to get it fixed and finding out that only God truly knows what you need and when you need it. But let's back up about a month ago and Bam Joel breaks his nose playing ultimate frisbee (google that if you don't know what it is). So while we are in the midst of our basement saga, the amazing Dr tells us Joel needs to have some surgery to help him breath again. So now Joel has his surgery and God uses our awesome Dr to almost fully correct Joels nose. But once again God took care of me by bringing Joels parents here to help me help Joel recover. Mom and dad Leineweber you will never know how much I appreciate you and am thankful for you. So now that Joel is almost two weeks recovered from his surgery and his parents have gone home to Virginia and as we face new trials in our lives God still remains faithful even Down to something as small as the water company not charging us for the water that poured out of our basement. So as I titled this I thought about the new lessons God has taught me. One, He brings trials in our lives when He needs to teach me something and He through these trials shows me just how faithful he is when we rely on him, because I definitely needed His strength although I tried to use my own. Two, is that through theses trials we can witness to our amazing neighbors who watched out for us in our time of need. Three, God will continue to provide for you even in the worst of times. So thank you Lord for trials and thank you for protecting me through them