Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its been awhile

Wow it has been a long time since i have blogged. A lot has happened in the last month. To start off with Joel broke his nose playing ultimate Frisbee. It turned out better then what it sounded like in the emergency room, although he could be facing surgery for it next month. It really is up to him whether or not he wants it fixed. We celebrated a friend of ours, little girl Ana's birthday. She is one now. I turned 28 which wasn't to bad. My friends Candace, Cydney, Mandy and Jessie got together and celebrated it with me. Joel bought me some gorgeous flowers and an amazing spice rack. I have wanted one for awhile just never could justify buying one myself. Our over head microwave died awhile ago and Joel finally said lets replace it. So we did and then 2 and a half months later it quit working as well. But the maker of the microwave has to replace it so we are waiting on that now. Then this past Sunday our stove quit working. So we had to replace another appliance in our house. Sometimes it makes me wish that i could live back in the 1800's where these appliances didn't exist but then I thought no I dont want to do that either because then a wagon wheel might break or something like that. Oh well, life goes on. Both of our kids have had Hand, foot, mouth which is a virus and we continue to watch very closely so that no one we are around can get it. Which means we havent gone anywhere in the past few days. I have been enjoying a jazzercise class I have been taking for awhile and I am meeting goals in that so I am super excited. Joel remains busy at work and at home. The kids love to spend time with him very much and it seems as if they cant get enough of him. This coming month is a month full of birthdays so hopefully I will post more pictures soon.