Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I thought that I would give this a try. I don't normally do these things but this one looks fun. 1. What was I doing ten years ago? I was fifteen and I was in high school and probably attending our state competition. 2. 5 things on my "to-do list... 1. finish laundry 2. get caught up on data entry 3. invite friends over 4. get some good sleep 3. Snacks I enjoy 1. gold fish 2. oreo's and milk 3. Strawberry ice cream 4. kiwi's 5. plums 4. Five things I'd do if I were a billionaire 1. tithe 2. buy my sister a house 3. support our missionaries 4. buy a busy cube for Lydia 5. give money to my dad to help his business 5. my 5 bad habits 1. tv watching 2. not cleaning the fish tank 3. leaving my bottles around 4. staying on facebook to long 5. not communicating well 6. places I've lived. 1. Edinburg NY 2. Greenville SC 3. Burlington KY 4. Hebron KY ( I didn't move far) 7. five jobs I've had 1. cashier at a small country store 2. web specialist at AIG 3. being a mom 8. who's next 1. Well no one that I know because it was already sent to everyone.

Monday, April 28, 2008


So after months of waiting and trying Lydia finally is rolling over. She rolls from her back to her stomach. I got it on video for you all to watch. Now on to crawling and maybe walking by herself. We will see.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poor Lydia

After we got back from our trip I had to take Lydia to the doctor's for a rash that she has had for a couple of weeks. It was awful because it was spreading so quickly. Turns out that it was a rash only a steroid cream could help get rid of it. So we have to apply twice a day until it is gone. Poor Lydia she is such a trooper doesn't even seem to faze her. On a side note, we went to the mall today and someone just randomly started talking to me about her daughter and told me not to worry about Lydia and her crawling or rolling over because she said she would do it when she was ready. I am enjoying not having to discipline her for things yet. But I am praying that her gross motors skills start to develop. Time will only tell and she is starting to pull herself up. I just have to find a toy that she can safely pull herself up on. Any suggestions I would love some info.

walmart & baby food

We do much of our shopping at walmart (or “Chinamart” as my father-in-law calls it). Today it worked out better for us to go to a different walmart store than usual. Everything was in a slightly different place, though mostly logical. We needed lots of baby food, so we went to the wall of little glass jars to make our selection. Michelle picked out 13 jars of various types, but none with bananas because they don't do nice things to Lydia’s stomach.

They were 43 cents a jar, but as we went through checkout they rang up at 48 cents each! I wouldn’t have even noticed, but Michelle is on top if all things food shopping. Especially the current price of various items. Occasionally we visit other stores (Kroger, Meijer, etc.) and compare prices, and it’s rare that she doesn’t know what the price is at the other stores.

While I’m slightly ranting, this is mostly a story about a very kind, concerned walmart worker (and a few others who weren’t). Our cashier wasn’t particularly friendly, and we knew she couldn’t change the price it rang up at. We wanted to check the shelf to make sure it said 43 cents anyway. So I ran back after we payed and sure enough, 43 cents! We went to the customer service desk and after waiting in line told the lady about the inconsistency. She called the department for a price check, and 10 minutes later called again. Five minutes later she handed a jar to the manager who was helping her and asked her to check the price.

A few minutes later the manager came back and told the lady that they were 48 cents! Michelle and I were both shocked, so we walked back to the wall of jars again, and all the ones we grabbed were 43 cents. So Michelle managed to find another walmart worker (the hero in our story). I wish I had taken the time to notice her name. She took the time to look through all the items on our receipt and check them with the tags on the shelf. She was very friendly about everything and even said we were good to point this out with the way prices are going up.

She escorted us back to the customer service desk, corrected the manager (who wasn’t too thrilled about it), and told them to give us our money back.

So was the 45 minutes worth the $1.55 we got back? Not even close, but it was the principle of the thing. We made them honor their price tag ... and hopefully next time they’ll remember to update their price tags before they raise prices in their system. Thanks again to Friendly Walmart Lady whoever you are!


Well after some lengthy deciding Joel and I decided to go up and surprise my mom for her birthday (it was a month ago). So I made plans with my dad and we kept it a secret for about a month. Few, glad that is over. So my dad being the awesome secret keeper he is, made up an excuse to come get us at 9 in the morning, however a slight change because we missed our flight so we didn't get into Albany until 1. So lucky for us he got a call from some one who wanted him to bid a job and VUALA he had a great excuse to come. But let me back track a little. This was Lydia's first plane ride. So after sitting in the airport for 3 hours we boarded our first flight and I was so nervous. After consulting with some of my friends (thank you Cydney and Candace) I had lots of things to keep her busy. She was a little fussy taking off but after that smoooooth sailing. She did so great and we made it safely to NY. So we saw my dad and off we are to surprise my mom. We pulled into the driveway and dad took Lydia out of her car seat and put her blanket over her head and he walked into the house and mom was greatly surprised. It was a great trip and only a couple of road bumps but in the end it was an over all good trip. Here is some pictures of her first plane ride and some of my family with her.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well this week has been interesting. I have been trying to break lydia of her crying every time some one takes her. It worked for awhile but then yesterday I went to lunch with some friends of mine and she cried any time any one held her. I am sure that most of it was because it was nap time. I am still waiting for the time when she will be rolling around and then crawling because it seems as if she is a little far behind. I was watching Isabel move around the other day and she is moving so well and wonder when Lydia will be doing that. Oh well, not every baby is the same. I just have to be patient and then I will be saying why don't you sit still. While she rested last night Joel and I, did some more lawn work. We are trying to get grass to grow back in some bare spots Sadie created. So then my next big project is the front yard. We will see how that goes.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Well this is just a little update on our lives. Joel is busy working and me I am just staying home with the Lydia girl. We took her to the park this weekend and we put her in the swing. She seemed to like ok, but I think she got a little uncomfortable. We have had the nicest past 3 days. It has warmed up and we are ready for summer, ok almost ready considering summer here gets really hot. I promise to post pictures of lydia in the swing soon. I forgot to grab the camera to unload them, but I will post some soon.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well I think God wanted to teach me a lesson about not worrying. Friday, Lydia decided she was really tired and took a 3 and half hour nap. I became a little worried about her so I went and woke her up by checking on her. So I brought her out to the living room and laid her on her belly to try once again to see if she would roll over. So I started with some toys and I took one of her favorite toys and I started putting it behind her head enough so that she had to strain to look at it and then all of the sudden bumb she rolled over. WOW!!! I exclaimed and clapped for her to realize that was fun and that she should do it again. I got her to do it a one more time from her belly to her back and then I decided to lay on the floor with her and she rolled from her back to her belly so she could play with my face. So 3 times right in a row. I told Joel all about it. But do you think she would roll over again to show off her stuff NOPE!!! All weekend we waited and tried the same trick over and over again but to no avail. She is back to not wanting to roll over again. Oh well, she loves to walk with you and she holds her self up when you stand her next to the couch. What a fun experience it was.