Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today,I am watching Tyler again and as I was watching him I looked and noticed that he rolls over so well. Although, it is fun to see, it makes me kind of sad. Because everything I try with Lydia she isn't rolling over. In fact, she seems to have no desire. I tried putting toys out of her reach and I tried working with her and I must admit this saddens me. I have read many things that say she should roll over by six months. She did however decide today that she much enjoyed a sippy cup. Beth (Tyler's mom) brought him a sippy cup for water and as I was giving him water Lydia decided she wanted to try. So we did and she drank a half cup of water. It was so neat. The only time she would drink it before is if I sweetened it. So now she likes it YAY. So I am trying not to be worried or actually somewhat terrified about Lydia not rolling over and praying that she develops this skill soon.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wow what a weekend

Well this weekend we Reflected on Christ and how he gave himself for us on the cross and what a wonderful gift that was. It was a lonely time for Joel and I this year as we stayed her in Kentucky and spent Lydia's first Resurrection Sunday with her. We got up and went to church although a little difficult due to the fact that I have strep throat and Lydia has a nose cold we made it there and heard our first Easter message from Pastor Brad and once again Lydia cried in nursery the whole time. We came home and had our snack before lunch which is crackers,cheese and pepperoni. I could only muster up to eat a couple as it hurt my throat to much. Then I made a yummy pork lunch/dinner that I was never able to eat because I took way to much advil to dampen the pain I felt in my throat that now my stomach hurts to eat a lot of things. But we discovered some awesome home remedies that helped Lydia sleep better, because she has been keeping me up the past 3 nights in row which is strange for her because she never does that. The first one was to help her got potty because being on solid food now she has a difficult time going to the potty and the second one was making our own saline solution to spray up her nose to help get the junk out of it so she could breath and they worked so well that she slept through the night again last night what a BIG blessing. So I will listen to the doctor because most of the time he is right with what he tells me to do for her. Here is a couple of pictures of Lydia in her easter dress.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, I guess now is as good of time as any. Yesterday I was diagnosed with strep throat. Yes it is the worst pain a throat could experience ok maybe not the worst pain but pretty painful. SO I awoke at 2:30am coughing and couldn't go back to sleep. Then Lydia woke up at 3:00am with a fever. SO I am praying that the doctors are open tomorrow to see if I can get her into see a doctor. Very sad that I can't sleep for sleep plus antibotics is what will help me get better. On a more happy note yesterday was a beautiful day and we took Lydia outside on the deck and we had her playing in the fresh air, while we worked on our lawn to get it back into shape. It was so nice to be outside, I didn't realize how much I loved spring. It is a time for new birth and Easter. I should say Resurrection Sunday. It is a great time to focus on my Saviour and what he did on the cross for me and now it brings new meaning because he did those same things for our daughter. I realize now the anxiety of my parents as they prayed for us to become saved and how much I want Lydia to discover God and his grace and as a result to become saved. So that is my new worry, lol. Well I shall try to go back to bed now as I have been up for a really long time. So hopefully my strep throat goes away.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wow walking with help

Today Joel and I decided to take some video of Lydia walking with her daddy. She loves to walk around the house and she loves to sit by herself and play. I also found that she loves to pet and pull Sadie's hair so I tried to catch her in the act. So I will post that video and the one of her and Joel walking. Hopefully soon I can show you her rolling over. She is almost there I just have to give her some more incentive to want to do it.

Friday, March 07, 2008

room time

So this Monday, I was thinking that every time I take Lydia into her room to put her to bed she starts to cry. Well I wanted her to enjoy her room so I decided to give her some room time. So I opened some toys that she got for Christmas and sat her down in there and let her play away. She played in her room by her self for about 20 minutes before she wasn't amused anymore. So every day in the morning we have had some room time. It doesn't always last for 20 minutes but long enough for her not to hate her room. Wednesday I had to go for my teeth cleaning and my friend Lauren came and watched Lydia for me and she did great. She didn't fuss only once while Lauren was here and that was a great thing. See she is going through stranger anxiety and we are trying to let other people hold her and love on her and take her away from us so that she doesn't cry with everyone. So she is getting better and tonight Joel and I are going on a date and she is staying with Lauren again.