Sunday, January 29, 2006

car crashes

In the past couple weeks we've seen some weird stuff on the road. The first picture on the left shows a car that was actually driving in front of us in that condition. I knew Kentucky allowed alot of stuff, but I'm pretty sure that still wouldn't pass inspection!

The second incident we saw yesterday and was even more unbelievable! Driving home from shopping, we passed an apartment complex right before ours. The house right before the apartment entrance had a car lodged in its front door. I was driving, oblivious to the whole thing until Michelle said, "Woosh!" I still don't know quite what that means, but we turned around and drove back by the scene to check out the damage. The picture isn't that great and was taken as they were towing the car away.

The really funny thing is the story behind this picture. We didn't have our camera in the car, so I walked back to the scene afterward and walked by on the road taking several pictures. I walked past the house, crossed the street and started walking back, looking unsuspicious. Apparently I didn't succeed because the policeman called me over and started drilling me with questions about who I was and why I was taking pictures. Apparently the driver had disappeared. Thanksfullly, the policeman seemed pretty satisfied that I wasn't the driver and didn't arrest me.