Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

So my first father's day is nearing an end. Michelle got me the most beautiful card, it actually made me tear up. She's so sweet. Even though our baby girl's not born yet, I still consider myself a father. And actually I've been wondering lately why we count our age by the number of years from your birth. Because everyone is actually 9 months older than that! So I'm actually 26 years old right now even though I celebrated my 25th birthday in February. Of course birth-day is a celebration of your day of birth, so out of convenience I'll continue to say I'm 25 years old. But I just thought it was interesting that many don't think about the baby being truly alive until it's born. Michelle's cousin also visited us last week. We had a really fun time, went to see the aquarium, and the Creation Museum.


Phlegon said...

Happy Father's Day!

As far as how we calculate our age goes, so many legal things ride on having an exact date that counting from conception could get tricky (though I believe some cultures do). Not to mention I'd rather not know exactly when anyone was conceived, thank you very much.