Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This year Joel and I had a different type of Thanksgiving. This year we decided to stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving. I planned to make a turkey and everything. So one day while I was at work. I saw our very good family to us Karen Mason, and she invited us over for Thanksgiving and it was so awesome. The Masons are like our family. Joel and I were feeling pretty lonely for our family so it was nice to be with them. We even put our Christmas tree up. Lydia loves it. She goes over and rings the bells that we put on it and she doesn't try to eat the Tinsel so that is very nice. She comes out and says tee tee and it is real cute. We even ventured out to the Black Friday sales. Can I just that Target was crazy. We barely made it into the store. Then there wasn't any carts and we could barely go down the isles because there was people every where ready to cash out. SO we quickly left. So we came home with a few dvds and then went back to bed. It was nice to have a day to do that. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.