Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A little update

SO yesterday, I once again had another ultrasound because of some bleeding. We finally got some answers as to why I keep bleeding on and off. The placenta is a little bit over the birth canal. So as my uterus stretches it is shifting up to it keeps kind of like tearing, but nothing to be alarmed about. They said that since I am so early this should correct itself and move up with my uterus. God is so good because I finally feel like I can relax and start to enjoy being pregnant instead of always worrying about it. Although, I am still hoping that this morning sickness that last all day goes away for good. I am getting a little bit of relief. I don't wake up sick just hungry. So that is definitely improvement. We took Lydia to the ultrasound yesterday and she pointed at the screen and said BABY. It was so cute. We are so excited and we think that Lydia will be a great older sister.