Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Trumpet of God

You all are probably thinking wow what got into Michelle she is going to be all spiritual. Actually I am not LOL!!! But you would have thought that happened tonight outside the way Joel jumped out of his chair in fear. We as a family were enjoying the nice evening outside and just sitting there having good conversation and Lydia was playing around in Joel's car. Well all of the sudden she lays on the horn and BAM!!! Joel is up and out of his chair like we were going to be raptured away. But no he was just living in fear of whatever that sound was. I couldn't help but bust out my chair laughing at him and as I write this I am still laughing about it. The funniest part about it is I have never been able to scare him half as bad as the sound of the horn in his ear and Lydia also scared screaming OUT OUT!!!. So it was most eventful night at the Leineweber house, wish you all could have seen it.