Saturday, May 01, 2010

Recharging our love

Last night we finally got a date night just Joel and I. Thank you to Dan and Becky. Seth after spending the day miserable and having no apparent reason why, we still decided to go on our date. Which I must say was most needed. So we all got into the car and my car barely started. Oh well it started and off we go. We dropped the kids off and left the car running so that it would stay working. So we went to dinner praying that our car would start. Woohoo it started, but we thought maybe we should try changing the battery. So off to walmart on our date and we replaced our car battery just Joel and i in the middle of the walmart parking lot. So this date as funny as it was is now sir named recharging our love, Thanks to Joel naming it that. But hey at least we were kidless.