Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Phil's & Sarah's wedding

Joel and I had a pretty successful trip to the wedding. The kiddos traveled real well. We didn't have any major hiccups the day of the wedding. We are so thankful because so many people pitched in and helped us out with the kiddos. Joel's grandparents even got to spend some much needed time with their great grandchildren. We are so thankful to have them around. The only yucky thing that happened at the wedding was that Lydia got to hot and threw up all over her dress before the wedding ceremony. Joel's mom was able to get most of it off which was a very big blessing. Lydia and Seth were amazing the whole time we were at the weddings even though they missed naps and sometimes feedings. Seth right before the wedding fell out of the stroller and bruised up his face pretty badly but amazingly his face has healed now and only just markings are left from all the scratches and bruises. I am so thankful that God kept him safe and that he didn't have any major problems from it I should also say minor problems because he was fine. IT has been nice being able to spend time with Joel's family and hopefully soon we will be able to spend some much needed time with my family. Here are some pictures from the wedding.