Friday, August 13, 2010

Trip to NY

This past week we went and visited my family in New York. It was a long drive there but we left real early in the morning to get there in time for the kids to just be getting up from their naps. We had a great time. We celebrated Lydia, Seth's, and my nephew Adam's birthday. This was a special treat for us because I haven't been there for one of his birthdays since Joel and I have been married. So Happy Birthday Adam Nicholas LaPort. We spent some much needed quality time with my family. My brother hosted us so it was nice getting to reconnect with him even though I technically didn't get to see him much. My sister Yvette hosted during the day most days which Lydia and Seth both loved because they love their cousins. The funniest story while we were there was that we discovered that Lydia loves mice. Yes I know mice. My sister had 3 babies ones running around her house which her son Alex loved and they caught them and put them in a trap but they didn't live long because of the heat. But over all it was so nice to see you family.