Sunday, January 09, 2011


Life here has been just a little bit crazy. We spent Christmas here and had tons of fun. Then we traveled to Virginia Beach which was a small bit crazy. They had 14 inches of snow and we were stuck right in the middle of the snow storm. We made it and the kids did amazing. We went to Busch Gardens in Virginia for their Christmas town there and that was so much fun. Each of the adults except for Joel's mom had some type of illness while we were there. Joel had a sinus infection, Phil and Sarah had a stomach bug, Kim had an allergic reaction to some cream and me well that is a long story. Joel's dad through his back out trying to catch Seth from sticking his hands in the belt of their treadmill. So it was sure fun to be together but we could have done with out all that sick yuckyness and bad backs. We made it through what we thought was free and clear, until today. We woke up to Seth and throw up in his bed and he continued to throw up on and off all day. So we are praying the rest of us don't get it.


Amber Shannon said...

Hi Michelle and family! This is your old roommate from BJ, Amber. I've got a friend who's starting a business and needs a logo designer and I wondered if Joel does anything like that on the side. It's been ages since I've looked at your blog and I didn't know about Seth -- Congrats on having a family of four. Lydia's so big now -- just over three, right? My daughter, Irene turned two in November, and I enjoy her so much. I've got pictures on facebook, if you want see any (I'm not sure, but you might have to set up an account to see them... don't know). So good to see some of your pictures and read a little about what's happening in your family. Let me know if Joel is interested at all in designing a logo for my friend. God bless!