Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lydia will be 5

We threw Lydia's birthday party today instead of on her birthday because as you all know she shares it with a bunch of other celebrations.  I decided to throw her a fancy Nancy party because if she reads books she mostly likes to read them. I had been thinking about her birthday for about a month because of Clay's due date being between her birthday and Seth's.  I decided to make it Bonjour Butterfly and Beauty Spa together in one party.  So we painted nails, painted faces, made tiara's and most of all just had fun being together. I am thankful for all of the mommies that jumped in and helped out.  My amazing mother in law helped me shop and decorate and we both feel exhausted but we had so much fun. Lydia shared her birthday party with her friend Isabel because today was actually her birthday. Lydia you are one amazing little girl.  You are so loving and compassionate.  I am looking forward to seeing how you will grow and change this new year and I am thankful for the love you have for your family. Most of all I am praying that this is the year you come to know Christ as your Saviour.  I pray this for you every day. Love you little munchkin.