Friday, November 09, 2012

This Boy

This boy was my first ever favorite boy until that boy joined in and now I have 2.  Sounds like a fun story.  By this boy I mean our little big boy Seth.  Last week I finally took him for his wellness checkup. After having a baby and then starting school work, doctors appointments weren't very high on my priority list.  He is 32 pounds and weighs more than Lydia did at 3 by 7 pounds.  He is 3 feet 2 inches tall which means he is short.  He is fun loving and very spunky and sometimes says the funniest things that make you just want to squeeze him.  His loves for books is amazing, i hear the request mommy can we just go look at books at the library a lot.  I try to make a habit to get there and let him chose many books that I read over and over again.  His favorite one right now is Dirty Diti Dinosaur.  He can almost quote the whole book which is amazing.  He loves to be a part of school with Lydia so I am currently teaching him the letters in his name.  He has started asking a lot of heart question about hell and if he will go there?  I pray that this is a great beginning for his salvation.  What a gift God has blessed us with in our little man.