Friday, February 29, 2008

Poor Joel

So I decided since Joel is working very hard to bring in the bacon I would take over for awhile posting on our blog. Well as most of you already know we have our beautiful baby girl and she is 6months old now. WOW, how times fly away. I was sitting today and reflecting on how Lydia has changed our lives. One thing we learned in parenting class is to make our marriage our first priority and then Lydia so she knows that her parents always love each other and Joel has done an awesome job on doing that and he has turned out to be SO GREAT!!! with kids. He was real nervous at first but he is definitely a natural. He also has his hand in helping with Tyler when I am babysitting too. Tyler definitely likes him and he loves for Joel to feed him so that is a lot of fun. I think Joel likes the fact that he isn't always the only boy. Well I hope this post finds everyone well. J,M,And little Lydia