Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time well spent

So after every Sunday and having to go get Lydia from nursery because she is screaming, I officially decided to stick with the task of doing room time again with her. So we started this task on Monday. So Monday she seemed like ok I am just going to play. Then Tuesday, all she did was scream. Wednesday, ok I will come and get you. I am sorry you were crying. Then today I got in the shower again and left her in her room to play and she again started to cry. We I listened and listened to her cry and then all of the sudden I didn't hear anything except a noisy toy in her room. She was actually playing and then she started talking to herself in a happy voice. WHOOOOOOO this never happens. So I left her there until I had taken care of all the laundry and did my devotions for the morning. And when I went into get her after 45 minutes of playing she was sitting on her floor with her previously used towel sucking her thumb. I was so happy with her and I went in and picked her up and hugged her and said "good job." So hopefully we will start to like nursery and tomorrow we will stick out this process again.