Monday, July 21, 2008

Much needed rest

Well we are finally settled back in to our home life here in KY. We had a great weekend. We also enjoyed being back at our home church and what a great message to come back to. Although a little bit more worried about Lydia coming to know Christ, but humbled that God brought me this far in my life from circumstances in my family that were awful, to enjoying an awesome life here with my wonderful husband and my great daughter. It is such a blessing to see how God has worked in our lives and He continues to work. So onto to an update on Lydia. She is walking around by herself most of the time now, and she started referring to me all the time as ma ma. So I am very happy. She still doesn't crawl or roll over from her stomach to her back, but I am not worried cause after all she has the muscles. So here is a video of her walking enjoy.


Paulina said...

See i knew she would start walking first :) how fun and how awesome that she knows you are mama!