Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sleepless nights

Many of you are probably saying oh no Lydia has been up during the night. Well it isn't her this time it is me. For some reason I haven't had good nights sleep in a little over a week now. I am not sure why, but I have been using this time to think and to pray. I have been struggling with a couple of things with Lydia lately. She for some reason just is real fussy. She won't play by herself so lately I had to just walk away from her and listen to her cry. So if anyone has any advice for me as to take this away from her that would be great. I need helpful other mother advice. She still won't go to nursery either. I am not sure what to do. The workers keep telling me how she just cries and cries. I do pack and play time and that is going real well. She plays and sometimes falls asleep which is funny. If anyone has advice for me on that, that would be great too. I have really been convicted to pray and never stop praying for her, which is great but I sometimes become overwhelmed that God might use her not being a child of the King to teach me a lesson. So I am praying not. Wow what a different post for me. I would love feed back from any of you moms that have tried and gone through these things it would help so greatly.


Paulina said...

I'm not sure about the being real fussy part, but Sophie has also been very cling lately. She just came down with a cold though so that might be part of it. Sophie used to cry in the nursery too, especially when we handed her off but she has grown out of it for the most part. I'm sure Lydia will too, but they do just go through phases! Keep pressing on & endure the tough moments, remember to have joy through it all!

The Talberts said...

Libby had a horrible time with the nursery, too! I think we started trying to put her in when she was around six months old. She didn't actually stay in the whole service until .. maybe 18 months? She too would cry to the point of hysterics until we went to get her. Just recently, she has begun asking to go in (we usually give our little ones the choice of staying with us during worship or going to their classes).
So my advice ... it's fairly passive ... but I'd say just give her time. She will probably grow out of it.
When I would become frustrated with Libby's clingy-ness, I would think, "She won't be crying for me when she's sixteen. So I know that it can't last forever."
I know this probably isn't very popular advice in the Grace/Babywise circle. But I'd say .. just keep praying for her and being patient. Keep trying to put her in the nursery, but don't stress if she doesn't make it the whole time. Enjoy how much she adores you.
And hang in there. This too shall pass.