Monday, March 02, 2009

Thumb sucking

So Lydia had her 18 month appointment and she is doing great despite her crash on the way into the doctors office. She tripped and fell into the door. The door was metal so she split her lip open right under her nose and got a bump on her head. So the doctor took her in right away and it turned out fine, except a little scar she might have when it completely heals. She has gained a good amount of weight for the doctor so that was good 4 pounds in 6 months. She did however, get her mommy's genes as far as height she is starting to no be so tall. Another thing is her thumb is getting beat up from her sucking on it so the doctor recommended we take her blankie away so that she would stop sucking her thumb, but in the meantime it has gotten a little swollen and infected so we started soaking her finger soapy water and she really enjoyed that. So here are some pictures and a video for you all to enjoy.