Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Well this year Joel and I decided to visit his parents for Easter. So we proceeded to make the trip on Thursday here. Well our time started out really difficult because before we could get out of our house to leave for the airport Lydia threw up 3 times. Thank you Lord for a great husband who can handle the smell of throw up because I can't. He lovingly took care of her and cleaned her up. We made it here and have gone to the beach and visited the board walk on the Beach and also went to the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed some spring time flowers and pollen. But to our dismay Lydia spent most of the night throwing up again. Here again Joel was an awesome husband and daddy and cleaned her up and held her while she was throwing up. It is the most horrible thing to watch knowing you can't do anything to help her. I was tired and felt like I was not doing all I could to help her but she desired her daddy so that is what I gave her. We aren't sure yet why she kept throwing up or why she still shows signs of sickness but hopefully tonight will be better. She was however, better enough to wear her Easter dress that I was able to make for her and it turned out very cute on her. I am so excited because I have the desire to make more for her. Maybe I will venture out and make more clothes for her, but we will see. After all that I got to here Joel's dad preach and was reminded that I am living for the Resurrection of our Christ because that is where are hope is found, because if he just died it wouldn't matter but He rose again and has set us Free to be with Him forever.


Lee and Candace said...

Lydia's dress turned out cute! Good job Michelle! Hope she is feeling better soon.