Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Taking for Granted

Well starting this past Monday I have been by myself with the 2 little munchkins. I love them very much, but I must admit it has been a little harder than I expected. I have realized how much I take Joel for granted. I was thinking today when the kids napped of all the stuff he does. Here is a small list, taking out the trash, cleaning the toys up after Lydia goes to bed, cleans dinner up after we are done, goes outside with Lydia while I take a rest and fold and put away laundry, and this is a big one has conversation with me at night as to not make me bored while he works. So I am so thankful for him. He is in Oregon right now at a Conference and we can't wait for Friday when he comes back. I have been thankful for the people who have tried to make my time a little easier. So continue to pray for me as we make it through one more day and 2 nights waiting for Joel to come home.