Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lydia says funny things

So today we gave Lydia a vanilla oreo and what she decided to do was eat the frosting on the inside and not the outer cookie. So she comes into the kitchen asking us for another cookie and we say to her you must eat the rest of your cookie before you can have another one. So she goes back in and gets the cookie and starts to eat and gets distracted by something else and woosh sadie sweeps in and takes the cookie off her hands, (we don't let sadie do that). So we hear Lydia COOKIE COOKIE in a very sad voice and Joel grabs the rest of the cookie that sadie didn't get and gives it to Lydia and I said she can have another cookie, so he gets her another cookie and she gives him the leftover half from the last cookie and says TRASH TRASH YEAH!!! While throwing her cookie into the trash!!!