Monday, October 19, 2009

I sigh of happiness

Well today makes the last day I will spend here in North Carolina with Melinda. She is adjusting well to being a mom. You can definitely see the mommy sparkle in her eye. I have however, missed Joel and Lydia while I have been here and I will be happy to be reunited with them tomorrow morning. Although, very sad to leave here with out my sister and my great new little niece. Sometimes it makes me overwhelmingly sad to not be close to any of my family and oh how my heart aches to be near them, but in this I also know that Gods will and timing is perfect. It makes my time with them oh so sweet. I wish sometimes that the time in between seeing them was shorter, but then I think maybe I wouldn't be so grateful to see them and just take it for granted. But I am sighing in happiness because God has brought into this world another sweet healthy baby to some very awesome parents. So to you Steve and Melinda I say Congratulations on a beautiful, precious baby girl, and I am very sad that it will seem like forever, until I see you and her again. Thank you for the opportunity I have had to meet Chloe and for serving you and welcoming your new baby girl into your home. I can't wait till I see you again soon, and hope that Chloe will continually grow beautiful and big.


Lee and Candace said...

She's precious! Glad you had a good time.