Tuesday, October 06, 2009

9 weeks

It is amazing how quick time has flown by. I haven't been on here in a while to post on our lives. SO here is a quick update. Seth still is rolling over, the doctor told us that he was probably doing it on accident, but it seems to me that he is doing it on purpose. He is a lot bigger than Lydia ever was at this age. He is smiling a lot now and starting to coo at us as well. I feel like I have finally adjusted to life with 2 kids. Lydia continues to be an awesome joy to me. She is saying so much more now. She tries very hard to do stuff herself and when she does she says "I got it." She also has begun to answer her own question. For instance She says to me mommy watch George and then she says SURE. So funny. We also had our pictures taken by our very good friend Lauren and when i get them I will post some pictures. In other news my sister, Melinda had her baby. Congrats to you guys. We love you!!