Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines

I was wondering what I would write about recently and so I decided that this would be a good day to blog. So I have had the best 10 years with my hubby. Granted we have only been married almost 8 years we have spent almost 10 together. His birthday and valentines day are very close together so I try to make both as special as possible while still watching our budget. But what I have learned over these past years is that Joel doesn't need extraordinary surprises or lots of gifts, he just likes to be noticed and loved on. So this year was his 30th birthday and I did throw him a surprise birthday party but to him his favorite thing was the thought that went into it. So this year I am going to focus in on how servant hearted he is and how he puts a ton of thought into everything he does. I love you Joel Leineweber!