Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Boy!

Here is baby boy's profile!  Things I am learning about pregnancy this time.  Lydia is absolutely in love with her unborn brother.  She gives him hugs, kisses my belly and says I love you poppy.  She asks daily what he is up to today.  She often will just bring him up with out any prompting from us.  She enjoyed seeing his ultrasound done today.  Seth still isn't completely understanding about the new baby.  But he does know there is a baby in my belly.  He will say hi to him sometimes but most of the time I don't think he really thinks about it.  During my ultrasound today baby boy was pretty stubborn and the tech pushed really hard on my stomach and it was painful.   I am able to still do jazzercise.  I don't crave food a lot but when I do i try to give in.  My favorite thing to eat right now is still chips and salsa.  I am already having braxton/hick which is interesting.  But overall I feel great and I am still excited to be pregnant again.