Monday, May 21, 2012

What if Healing comes through Tears

Many of you will recognize this post title from the song by Laura Story called Blessings.  The reason that I titled this blog this way is Joel and I have experienced blessings through tears.  My last post I was able to share with you how our baby boy had club foot and how God has been using it in my life to change who I am and How I perceive His blessings.

I must admit that not knowing what God had in store for us and this little boy caused me to cry out with tears to God to show me that He is an ever present help in time of need.  God has taught me that He is a God full of Love and Truth and one of His greatest attributes is Healer.

When I think about miracles I think about all of the miracles in the New Testament and how Jesus raised people from the dead and He makes the lame to walk again or the blind to see.  When I think of miracles today I don't really think I see them as much.  God is however a God of miracles just by breathing life into my body and the miracle of carrying a baby in my womb and how God is knitting together our baby boy for His glory.

This past Friday Joel and I went to have my second high risk ultrasound done to make sure that the baby is continuing to grow and to check on his foot one more time so as to further look into what we would need to do once he is born.  As the technician was going through the different measurements and looking at his head and the rest of his body she looked at us with a questionable look on her face and asked "What foot was clubbed again?"  We both answered her and said his right foot. She said "Hmmm, everything looks normal to me I am going to go get the doctor to double check."  The doctor came in and asked us if we had been told about his club foot and to which we answered yes, she said ok lets take a look around.

When she found his feet she looked at the ultrasound machine and looked at the technician and said do you see those toes they are pointed straight at us.  The question in my mind was well it was probably his left foot the one that isn't clubbed.  Then she said I need to really look at this as she turned on the 3d image of his feet. She turned and looked at us and said I am pretty sure that his foot is straight he doesn't have club foot.  It was then at that moment I realized that God had healed our little boy.  We have proof from other ultrasounds showing us his club foot and it was very clear to us that God worked a miracle in our little boy's life already and he isn't even born yet.  She looked at us and said congratulations on a perfectly healthy little boy.  I cleaned myself up walked out of the room with Joel and was in awe of what God had done for our little boy and for us.

Deuteronomy 10:21 says He is your praise. He is your God, who has done for you these great and terrifying things that your eyes have seen." I can honestly say I have seen God in this and He deserves all the praise because we know that God has take care of our little boy but not just our little boy but us.  So praise be to God our Healer and blessings do come through tears.  So as Jesus made the lamb to walk He has made our son able to walk and hopefully proclaim one day that his God healed him.


Lauren Bryson said...

praising God from whom ALL blessings flow!

Heather V said...

What a mighty GOD we serve!!