Friday, February 11, 2005

In my entire life I can’t remember having one surprise birthday party. Not that my parents were against them or anything, I just never had a craving for one. Now that I’m out on my own with my wife I was curious to see what she was going to do if anything. My birthday was Thursday the 10th, but she doesn’t work on Thursday. We have small group on Thursday night so she couldn't really do much then. Although she did make me a pound cake to take to SG and I thought that was it. The next morning we were driving to work and I was a little sleepy so I wasn’t driving too fast. Michelle never comments about my driving, but today she said I was going really slow. I didn’t think much of it and sped up a little. We got to work and she was walking really fast! Still oblivious I caught up to her and when I got to my desk there was a sign hanging at the entrance wishing me a happy b-day and balloons covering my desk, all instigated by my wonderful wifey.

I thought that was it, but after lunch she gathered everyone into the lunchroom and presented me a with an awesome cake and a song. So that was it. Cake, balloons and a song. What else could a 23 year old ask for! Any suspicions i may have had previously disappeared with the unexpected cake after lunch. A surprise party that night was the furthest thing from my mind! But that’s exactly what she had planned with what seemed like 20 people there! We had a wonderful time, and I just have to congratulate my great sweetheart on a job well done.