Sunday, February 13, 2005

two visitors

Another really cool thing this weekend was the fact that Michelle’s sister Melinda, and my friend Aaron came to visit from SC. We had a wonderful time and visited the cincy zoo on Saturday. It’s very nice although several of the animals were unavailable since it’s still winter. But I especially enjoyed playing with Aaron’s new Cannon digital SLR camera. Oh it was beautiful ... and we even took some useful photos with it.

During this adventure we went into the cat house. Overall the larger cats (serval, ocelot, etc.) were rather boring even though they looked cool. However Michelle stumbled upon a very entertaining and even frightening “chesire cat.” It was some kind of rock cat that was very active. She had her face pressed to the glass and the cat began to approach as if it were stalking her. Then suddenly it lunged claws first toward her face with stunning speed! And she definitely was ... stunned that is! She burst out laughing at the fact that a tiny little cat behind thick plexi-glass had just scared her spitless, and we were all very entertained.