Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today,I am watching Tyler again and as I was watching him I looked and noticed that he rolls over so well. Although, it is fun to see, it makes me kind of sad. Because everything I try with Lydia she isn't rolling over. In fact, she seems to have no desire. I tried putting toys out of her reach and I tried working with her and I must admit this saddens me. I have read many things that say she should roll over by six months. She did however decide today that she much enjoyed a sippy cup. Beth (Tyler's mom) brought him a sippy cup for water and as I was giving him water Lydia decided she wanted to try. So we did and she drank a half cup of water. It was so neat. The only time she would drink it before is if I sweetened it. So now she likes it YAY. So I am trying not to be worried or actually somewhat terrified about Lydia not rolling over and praying that she develops this skill soon.