Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Husband

So this past weekend sure has been interesting. Joel had to stay home from work on Friday because he was sick. Then he got over it by Saturday morning and then Sunday we had an awful wind storm. We said bye bye to Lydia's pool as it went flying up over someone else' house. But before we knew it we gained a trampoline. We watched as the wind blew off siding off other people's house and then shingles and even some shutters came flying off people's houses. During the wind storm Joel attempted to go find Lydia's pool but to no avail it probably was half way to the airport before he even made it out the door. We lost our electric around 2:00 in the afternoon so we made things to do like worry about other people as they foolishly ran around outside during the storm. So it became real hot in our house since we didn't have any air conditioning so we decided in feeble attempts to venture out to cool off in the car. We only made it a short distance when we saw someone go smashing into another person cause he wasn't obeying the 4 way stops because the lights weren't working. So we decided to turn around and come back home. But what provision God made for us as we didn't get into an accident ourselves and our home didn't receive any damage from the storm. I will leave you with a cute wind blown Lydia!!


yvette said...

Man alive! As I read your story and saw the new pics of Lydia I just got all teary eyed! I miss you all so much! Love you!