Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The hole reason I titled the last one was to tell you about my great husband. Although the going out in the 74 mile an hour winds to find Lydia's pool was awesome, but the real reason I meant to brag on him was because of how good he was to Lydia and I yesterday. I got the flu yesterday on top of a cold and Lydia got a cold to so we were both miserable beings yesterday. So he stayed home from work to take care of us. He did such a great job. He walked with Lydia picked her up as she fussed and fussed because she felt so bad. Then he helped me by washing our bedding to get the yucky bacteria out of our bedding so we wouldn't get sick again. He made us dinner and lunch well them dinner and lunch cause I wasn't hungry with the flu. So I am very thankful for my husband and how patience and loving he was to us yesterday.