Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on Lydia

We took Lydia to the physical therapist yesterday and God really answered our prayers. Nothing wrong with her neurologically. She does have some under developed muscles that we will be doing physical therapy to rectify. But the doctor was very positive so what a great blessing for good doctors. Some new things she has been doing lately. She tries to blow kisses now. She points to Joel and says da da. It was really funny yesterday Joel came home early from work and he was getting ready to go to the doctors with us when I got Lydia up from her nap. I walked by the room he was in and she caught just a glance of him and says in a real strong voice DA DA. So I took her back to see him and she was very happy. She sits on the floor with her books and opens them up and starts reading. Now granted she can't really read or talk but it is really cute to hear here do it. We just bought a new mattress for our bed and she loves it as depicted in the picture you will see of her laying on our bed. She has been such a blessing to us.


Paulina said...

Where are you going for PT? Maybe we have the same one :)