Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another funny conversation with Lydia

So on our way home tonight from Walmart, Lydia said candy mommy?? I said yes Lydia when we get home you can have candy just remind mommy when we get there. So we got home and sure enough she says Candy mommy so I gave her a lolli-pop and then all of the sudden she says to Me, Mommy what doing? and I told her and then she said Mommy what doing? So once again I told her what I was doing and then again she said Mommy what doing? And I said Lydia what are you doing and she said in a very big and I mean very big smile " I HAVE CANDY" and then proceeded to dance around the house saying I HAVE CANDY!!! IT was so funny! She didn't care what I was doing she just wanted to tell me that she had candy!! 2 year olds got to love them!!